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The Odyssey Continues...

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January - March 2000

We've now moved to Perth and are staying at my sisters place until I get a job and we locate a suitable house for ourselves. Nothing happening on the build front. :-(  Simply spending the time researching and updating the links on my "Locost Links" page whenever I find something useful.

April - June 2000

Still no change in my job situation. Aaaaahhhhh!!!

July 2000

In between writing job application after job application, I've spent some time putting together a Windows program called GearCalc to calculate speeds in gears to help me choose a suitable gear box for when I can finally make a start on my Locost. I'm still finishing the program off, but it is usable in its current form, so have decided to make it available to others here.

August 2000

Finished GearCalc. Updated the web site a bit to accommodate this. Various updates to GearCalc uploaded.

September - October 2000

I've finally landed a job! Now comes the "fun" part of getting a mortgage and finding a decent house (must have a large workshop/garage!). I'm still working on GearCalc, adding more gear sets to the pre-configured list and working on a method that will allow the end-user to easily add to the list.

November - December 2000

Finally! Something interesting to post (well for me anyway!). We have finally found ourselves a nice place with a two car lock up garage and are negotiating the tricky curves of purchasing the place. And... (even better!)... I've bought an unfinished project - actually a plan-built Formula 27 (F27). This is another UK design. See my links page for links to other Formula 27 sites.

The chassis is as-per-plan, except for the rocker arm front suspension, which would never pass our strict construction/safety inspections. In its place is to go a more conventional Locost style double wishbone suspension. The chassis was professionally welded by a coded welder - and you can tell - the welds are absolutely superb! There is still a fair bit of work to do on it, it is really only a chassis and a bundle of parts at this stage, but the bundle of parts is quite extensive. The other major part of the purchase is a low-kilometre (approximately 40,000Km) Toyota 4A-GE 16v engine complete with loom, computer and 5 speed gearbox. Also in the box of tricks (if I remember correctly) are three Ford Cortina front uprights, a Ford Escort axle, 7 wheels and tyres, various relays and electrical items, two steering columns, two escort steering racks, Escort pedal box, fibreglass (Westfield) nosecone and swept style mudguards, plus an assortment of instruments. It would have taken quite some time and money to collect all these items. I estimate it would cost about $5,000 to replace at today's prices. And the price for the lot...? $2,500. YES!

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