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These links are some of those I have visited during my research. Some may seem unrelated to Locost building, but you never know when or where you might find that little bit of much needed information!


Those other bits and pieces needed to finish off your project



B&M Performance Products Supercharger, anyone?
Bridgestone Australia Tyres and wheels
Bob Jane T-Marts Australias biggest tyre chain
Car-Accessories-Parts US Supplier of various car accessories and parts
Davies Craig Cooling Fans Keep your cool
Disc Brakes Australia You need to stop sometime!
Edelbrock Performance Products Engine performance and dress-up
Formula Motorsport Nice pedal sets and chassis plans
Fueltronics - EFI Performance Engine Management Systems
Genesis Automotive Developments Sells all those hard to get bits here in Aus
Holley Performance Products Carbies for high horsepower engines
Hypertech Electronic Engine Management
Interiors Seating Seats suitable for Locost (U.K.)
Link ECU's One of the best value for money ECU's
MoTeC Australia One of the best systems available
Nitron Racing Systems High performance dampers
Play's Kool Motorsport Carbon Fibre bits for 7's
Powerchip Chip up your car
ProShocks Need shockies?
Ray Hall Turbocharging Bolt on a Turbo...
Redline Components Suppliers of Caterham and Lotus seven parts
ROH Wheels Australian wheel manufacturer
SDSEFI User prog engine management
Speedy Wheels Another Aussie wheel manufacturer
Sports Car Accessories Racing gear of all types (U.S.)
Superchips Another engine chip-up site
Tire Rack USA's premier mail order tyre house
Vortech Engineering Supercharging for the masses
Wheel bolt patterns Need to know which wheel will fit?
Whiteline Automotive Suspension specialists
White Pointer Fibreglass Loads of fibreglass parts for Sevens