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These links are some of those I have visited during my research. Some may seem unrelated to Locost building, but you never know when or where you might find that little bit of much needed information!


The nitty gritty about the business end of a car...



Albins Off Road Gear Close ratio gears made to measure
Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension Design With Implications for Low-Mass Vehicles
Automotive Programs by Bowling Extensive list of on-line programs
Bike Engine Transplant Central Put a screaming bike engine in your 7
Build your own Race Car Design Info and Resources
Bill Sherwood's Modified 4AGE page How to build up a hi-po 4A-GE
Bill Sherwood's Engine Theory Page How it all works!
DIY Ignition Computer Technical discussion including code
DIY EFI Several designs. Join the mail lists
Club 4AG Home Page All cars powered by a 4A-GE
Dwornik Engineering UK AVO distributor/Locost parts
Engine Weight FYI Weights of various (US) engines
GasResearch Australia LPG Specialists
Gas Injection Technologies LPG Injection - including clubmans!
Golden Gate Lotus Club Tech articles for Lotus Cars
NZ LVVTA NZ Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association
MatWeb Info on all types of materials
MegaSquirt Build your own EFI system
Phil Bradshaw's Speedtech Definitive guide to EFI transplants
Proshocks Technical Index Calculators for roll centres, etc
Puma Racing Tech discussion on UK engines
Racing Aspirations Some very neat graphical calculators
Racing Car Technology Handling and Suspension Setup
SDSEFI A big collection of tech articles
Suspension Calculator A comprehensive suite of suspension set up calculators
Supercharged MR2 Technical Info Need info on the 4A-GZE?
Toysport Toysport (US) site loaded with info
The Engine Oil Bible One of the excellent "Bible" series
The Tyre Bible Excellent source of tyre info
The Suspension Bible What you need to know
Virtual Engine Dyno Free performance calculator
Wiring diagrams CAS and Ignitor wiring. Courtesy of Link ECU