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The Odyssey Continues...

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February - August 2001

Lack of funds have slowed progress, though I have been using the time to tidy up the garage and to set up a few pieces of garage equipment inherited from my father (Bench Grinder, Drill Press).

Disassembled the Cortina uprights to check for wear and prepare for painting. The disks look to be in good condition - not scored - pads still with lots of meat. It appears that the brakes may have been serviced not long before the Cortina was scrapped.

September 2001

Lack of funds has finally taken its toll. The entire project has been sold. The end of the story? Hardly! Given a few more years (probably after the kids finally leave high school), I fully intend to build a seven of some description.

I will continue to follow the builds of colleagues on the 'net and run the mirror site along with co-moderating both the Locost and the Locost_Theory Lists.

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